Teeth Whitening Specials

It is clinically proven that teeth are whitened by as many as 8 shades after a single treatment. We are proud to present you an innovative home laser whitening treatment. This is the most popular dental office treatment performed at home for the fraction of the cost! One laser treatment at a doctor’s office can run around $300-$600.
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The In-Office Procedure

While details may vary, a fairly standard routine is followed. Typically, the steps involved are not painful or uncomfortable; in fact, many patients doze or watch a DVD or TV during the procedure. If a satisfactory level of whitening hasn’t been achieved, your dentist may recommend follow-up in-office bleaching at a future date.
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Dental helpline

Customer Service Center
toll-free: +1 800 559 6580
Our helpline has answered more than 350,000 enquiries. Staffed by fully trained oral health experts and dental nurses, we can provide you with free and impartial advice on a whole range of topics related to your oral health.
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special proposition

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Services overview

Sponsor an Event

Holiday parties to open house celebrations; birthday parties to staff appreciation events; there is something out there for everyone. You or members of your business or organization may enjoy dedicating efforts toward purchasing decorations, foods, prizes, etc. The options are endless!

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Support an Individual

Many of the individuals we care for do not have family to support them. Without family, they rarely have a visitor and if it wasn’t for the caring employees of Lafayette Habilitation Center, they would never see a birthday cake or Christmas present. Please consider supporting these individuals so they too will experience the joys of family. You can truly make an impact in their lives.

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Fundraising Event

Holding a fundraising event is a great way to get involved! Not only do you get to experience the fun of holding the event, you also get to reap the rewards of sharing the proceeds with those in need.

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You and your staff have provided the utmost in professional and dedicated service to our clients and our office and our clients are very grateful to you for that. I know that our clients can be a challenge but I have never worried about the level and quality of care you and your staff provide and how they are treated and know they are treated as your staff would treat their loved ones.

Our office thanks you for all you have done and continue to do for all those in your care. View letter here.

Michael J. Carbone, Deputy Public Administrator